Privacy Policy for News Centre

The below Privacy Policy is specific to this Newsletters Website, inconjunction with the Milton Keynes Scouts general Privacy Policy which can be found here

1. Data processing agreement stores all the subscribers’ data inside the WordPress blog database. It is specific to this website and not shared across the MKScouts network of websites.

2. Subscribers data

The majority of the concepts expressed inside the GDPR run around the notion of “personal data”. The definition given by the regulation is pretty strict: “Any information that could be used, on its own or in conjunction with other data, to identify an individual”. In we store, for example the name, surname, email address and IP address. Whilst there is the facility to include additional profiling data points, we have no plans to use them.

3. How Newsletter treats consent

We use a double opt-in confirmation as this is considered good practice and it is required by law in many countries to confirm the will of the subscriber. This requires you to confirm the email address and activate the subscription to news!

The consent is any affirmative act a subscriber does while sending you its data, if clearly and correctly informed. The privacy checkbox is not strictly required but it’s required to have a link to your privacy policy page. You can use the privacy field configuration to add that notice as well.

4. Proof of consent

The GDPR requires to keep proof of user consent. In Newsletter, when a subscriber changes his profile by activating a specific list, he could be giving a specific consent (for example to send marketing emails). Newsletter provides a logging feature which records every change the subscriber performs on his profile, with a timestamp. 

5. Data stored by Newsletter

 Besides name and email address, our plugin can collect other data, if for example extra profile fields have been configured. Moreover, Newsletter collects IP addresses at the moment of subscription and whenever a user performs an action on newsletters, if tracking is active. IP addresses are used for various features, from tracking to geo-localization. 

6. Data conservation 

If you subscribe to a newsletter, we will periodically send you an email just to prod you into some activity, which may mean cancelling your subscription by removing yourself from our service. If you have not interacted with any newsletter in 12 months, we will take steps to remove you from our database.

This does apply to email addresses on internal distributions.

7. Data removal

If you wish to have your data removed from our Newsletter service, please contact us through and we’ll arrange that.

10. External delivery services and hosting providers

Emails are sent through the MKScouts messaging platform.